Breaking patterns

Jasper van Luit

Keynote speaker and award winning illusionist



"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."


Edward de Bono



A "healthy organization" is largely contributed to by the vitality of the staff. Vitality is created by the employees when they have passion for their work and a pleasant environment. More than half of the population are working, living and thinking on "the automatic pilot." The disadvantage of this is that people become numb and can’t brake out from their entrenched routines. A symptom of life on the automatic pilot is that people have less enjoyment in their work. The negative effect of this pattern is that people are less productive and less creative. It is a shame to see how people steam through their lives and careers like express trains without taking time to enjoy it. There is also the risk of stress, RSI and burn-out. The only way the autopilot can be turned off, is awareness. When realized, there are many ways to switch it off and appreciate "the little things in life".


Magic in Business has many humorous and surprising methods that shake people awake and turn off the autopilot! The participants will be shocked and amazed at how much is missed by lack of awareness. This astonishing eye opening experience gives people the ability to see things in a new light. If people can break their patterns things can be viewed in a fresh way and challenges solved in a creative manner. Passion and pleasure in life and work is the key to success.


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